Ford F600 4×4 VST40MHI

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Product Description

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1) VERSALIFT VST-40MHI insulated 40 ft. 4 in. (12.3 m) articulating, telescopic aerial platform lift,
45 ft. 4 in. (13.8 m) working height with a horizontal reach of 30 ft. 2 in. (9.2) and to include the following items:
• Platform capacity of 500 lbs.
• TruGuard™ dielectric isolating system with right hand single-stick control..
• Hydraulic jib and winch JW-1270-15
• 360o continuous rotation including slip rings
• Six GPM (22.7 lpm) open center hydraulic system with a 3000 psi (210 kg/cm²) operating pressure
• Side mounted telescopic upper boom allows low stowing of platform.  Fiberglass inner boom and patented ELECTROGARD provide insulation gap of 46 inches (1.2 m) fully retracted meeting ANSI A92.2 requirements for Category C 46KV and below.
• Chassis insulating system (fiberglass lower boom insert) providing 12 in. (0.30 m) insulation gap and including accommodations to bridge insulation gap for testing per ANSI 92.2
• ELECTROGARD and inner boom finished with white urethane paint over a white gel coat.
• Non-lube bearings used throughout.
• One set of hydraulic tool outlets with pressure limit valve.
• Sub frame mounted main A-frame outriggers with pivot feet, two control valves, and a selector valve.
• Outrigger boom interlock system for main outriggers
• Integral reservoir with a 17-gallon (64.4 l) capacity and dual sight gauges.
• Side mounted closed heavy-duty one-step 24 in. X 48 in. X 42 in. (0.61m X 0.76m X 1.07m) fiberglass platform including platform liner and vinyl cover.
• Individual full pressure controls at the turret actuate all boom functions and is equipped with a selector valve  to override upper controls
• 12 Volt DC backup pump providing power to all boom functions.
• Automatic throttle control.
• Standard boom rest with rubber pad and rachet strap
• Standard white urethane paint
• Safety harness and lanyard
• Two operator manuals and service manuals
1) Ford F-600 4×4 cab and chassis with a CA of 84”
• GVWR: 22,000  lbs payload.
• 6.7L diesel engine
• Automatic transmission
• Air conditioning
• 245/70Rx19.5G all traction tires
• Painted White
1) Brand FX Bodies 132” long x 42” high x 94” wide service body including the following:
• 30 inch aluminum tread plate platform extension
• BFX LED lighting package installed in tail shelf.
• Cable access step at rear and side access.
• Two (2) stainless steel grab handles at side access and two (2) aluminum grab rails at rear tail shelf.
• Wheel chock storage and outrigger pad holders.
• Push/pull rod lock system
o 42” High Street side compartments as follows
• 1st Vertical: Two (2) adjustable shelves with dividers with outrigger cutout
• 2nd Vertical: Two (2) adjustable shelves with dividers
• Horizontal: One (1) removable shelf with dividers
• Rear Vertical: Two (2) adjustable shelves with dividers
• Hot stick shelf with rear access door.
o 42” High Curbside compartments as follows
• 1st Vertical: Two (2) adjustable shelves with dividers with outrigger cutout
• 2nd Vertical: Grip strut access steps to bed area with removable plastic tail board.
• Horizontal: One (1) adjustable shelf with dividers
• Rear Vertical: Five (5) fixed material hooks 1-3-1
Installation to include the following:
• Install VERSALIFT VST-40-I, mounting hardware, PTO and pump.
• Install BFX service body and accessories.
• Install combo pintle hitch, D rings and 7 prong trailer connector.
• Install two (2) amber strobe lights in tail shelf and two (2) strobe lights in front grill.
• Install grounding kit, park brake interlock system, back up alarm and mud flaps.
• Supply outrigger pads, wheel chocks, fire extinguisher, and 3 piece triangle reflector kit.
• Test ride completed unit for one (1) hour.
• Test and certify per ANSI A92.2